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Cashmere Cream is a sophisticated lifting day cream enriched with bioidentical human collagen, ceramides, and phytoestrogens, meticulously formulated to address the specific challenges of menopausal skin. This redensifying cream offers a potent solution for combating hormonal aging signs such as dryness, loss of skin density, and diminished firmness. By integrating advanced skincare ingredients, Cashmere Cream provides a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating and revitalizing mature skin.


Key Features:

  • Bioidentical Human Collagen: Mirrors the skin’s natural collagen, offering deep hydration, significant wrinkle reduction, enhanced skin elasticity, and redness relief.
  • Ceramides: These lipid molecules are crucial for maintaining the skin's barrier and retaining moisture. They help repair the skin's natural barrier, providing relief and preventing dehydration in dry and stressed skin.
  • Phytoestrogens: Plant-based compounds that mimic the action of estrogen, offering antioxidant benefits and protecting against glycation, which contributes to the aging process.
  • Gamma Oryzanol: Derived from rice bran oil, this natural compound provides tonic-invigorating properties and acts as a natural sunscreen, further protecting the skin from environmental stressors.


Menopause Range: As part of a specialized range designed for menopausal skin, Cashmere Cream targets and alleviates the common concerns associated with this stage, ensuring that the skin remains hydrated, firm, and resilient.

Donna+Face Cashmere Cream

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