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What to expect during your HOCATT™ therapy
At Ozean Medispa we use the HOCATT ™ technique (Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology) for our ozone therapy sessions. It’s a relaxing 30 minute spa session that helps your body to repair and regenerate itself. There are three main steps to the process. 

One of the things patients love most about HOCATT™ is that each session is just 30 minutes, making it possible to fit HOCATT™ therapy into even the busiest of schedules.
We will provide you with instructions before your treatment so you can receive the maximum benefits from the therapy. When you arrive for your HOCATT™ session and we will then assist you in getting comfortably seated in the height adjustable HOCATT™ chamber.
You will be sitting in the pod, with your head outside and breathing in pure humidified oxygen to enhance your blood oxygen saturation during your therapy. After the door is closed, you can comfortably and privately open your towel. The HOCATT™ chamber will then flow through several cycles to comfortably detoxify your body at the cellular level while stress and tension melt away. We can adjust the heat level as needed for your comfort.

Your body will be heated up by warm waves of steam reaching between 37-41 degrees to encourage a fake fever for the release of toxins, viruses, infections and dead dying cells.
CO2 is then infused to react with steam to create carbonic acid, which, naturally and safely, helps to increase the uptake and delivery of oxygen at a cellular level and makes the following ozone cycle much more efficient.
A programme is set to target your specific health needs using the rife machine (electrotherapy) with special micro-currents to further enhance your session.

Once this CO2 cycle has ended, ozone is introduced which reacts with the steam to form ozone products on the surface of the skin.

When your therapy is over, we encourage you to take 10 to 15 minutes to rest, relax, and drink 16 ounces of water before putting your clothes back on. Because ozone messengers will still be present on your skin after your therapy is complete, we do not recommend that you shower for two to seven hours afterwards so that you can reap the greatest benefits from your treatment. Drink plenty of water to help amplify the effects of the treatment.

Medication and Ozone Therapy
If you are taking any medication it is advisable to take your medication four hours prior and four hours post treatment as ozone therapy neutralizes chemicals. If you have recently finished taking a strong course of medication we recommend discussing this with the team prior to booking an ozone treatment. For the 48 hours after ozone therapy we advise that you refrain from drinking alcohol or using heavy drugs.
How should I prepare for ozone therapy?
What to wear? This is something we are often asked. We suggest something casual to and from the clinic as the ozone therapy has a sauna like effect so you will perspire. We also suggest you don’t shower or bathe for up to three hours post treatment as the ongoing benefits of the ozone continue after you have finished your treatment. Once you arrive at the clinic you will be shown to a private room where your treatment takes place. You are given a towel and a neck gown. You are then left to remove your clothing, wrap your towel and put the neck gown on. The therapist will re-enter and guide you as to position within the pod and will talk you through the process.
Are there any side effects?
There aren’t any side effects unless ozone is inhaled directly and then it can irritate the lung’s mucous membrane and cause coughing, nausea, vomiting, headaches or the Herxheimer reaction (flu-like symptoms). These are temporary side effects, however through proper administration the risk of inhaling the ozone directly is minimal.

Is ozone therapy safe?
As with any treatment if it isn’t properly administered there are potential risks. And the same applies to ozone therapy - breathing in medical-grade ozone, even in low doses can be harmful, which is why it is so important to visit a Clinic where the treatments are overseen by trained therapists who have extensive experience in administering ozone therapy.
·How long does a session last and how many sessions will I need?
Each session lasts 30 minutes but we suggest that you allow yourself 45 minutes. During your initial consultation we will discuss how many sessions you need to receive the maximum benefits for your condition.

Can anyone have ozone therapy?
Yes, ozone therapy is suitable for everyone, whether you are looking to help heal a certain condition or just want ozone therapy to help prevent the effects of ageing. We adjust the programme, for example, the temperature, ozone percentage and electro current control to suit your needs.


A special oxygen jet is placed around the neck to provide pure humidified oxygen to the nose and mouth. Special frequency specific Micro-Currents may be selected to stimulate the body through foot electrode pads and/or hand held electrodes. Far infrared rays (FIR) and steam heat up the body, and essential oils may be infused with the steam. Full spectrum color light rays also fill the chamber throughout the session.

CO2 is infused at a very specific flow rate at this stage to convert into carbonic acid as it reacts with the steam. The heat dilates the pores and the carbonic acid further potentiates that effect. Carbonic acid is one of very view compounds that naturally and without any side effects increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at the cellular level.

The carbonic acid cycle stops automatically and the ozone cycle starts. The ozone cycle continues for the rest of the session. During this stage the ozone reacts with the steam to form ozone products on the surface of the skin. Thanks to the carbonic acid cycle, the efficacy of the ozone cycle in the HOCATT™ is potentiated by up to double, compared to normal ozone saunas.

At the end of the session, the entire volume of steam is extracted into the large-volume activated carbon charcoal destructor. This prevents releasing the ozone-oxygen into the room when the chamber doors open. The HOCATT™ is the only ozone sauna system in the industry to provide dual destructors.

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