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Take advantage of this great offer to try HOCATT, a drug-free therapy!

Understanding Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology (HOCATT)

HOCATT is an upgrade following the footsteps of traditional ozone therapy in promoting wellness and increasing vitality. The latest ozone therapy involves the advanced implementation of ozone in a steam chamber. The HOCATT steam chamber resembles a pod and is made of ceramic. The pod comes with a comfortable seat allowing you to position your entire body inside the pod except for your heads. This unique design ensures the full-body effects of ozone gas and other effective therapies when sitting inside the pod.


Here are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy from this technology.

  • Improved Cardiovascular function

  • Blood pressure normalization

  • Improve judgment and discernment

  • Sexual vitality and stamina

  • Extend the healthy years of your life

  • Able to Maintain Healthy Weight

  • Smooth and Youthful Skin

  • Improved Mental Clarity and Memory

  • Increased Energy

  • Noticeable pain reduction

  • Reduce chronic infections and inflammations

  • Eliminate Cellulite in legs

  • Detoxification for the entire body


Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is easily applied and managed via the HOCATT™ Control Panel System. The ozone is administrated with two separate flow-adjusted ozone generators – one for steam and one for systemic or topical applications. The HOCATT™ uses ozone therapy as a foundational treatment because of the research-supported healing applications.

Carbonic Acid Therapy

Carbonic Acid is better known for its potent vasodilation ability of the skin blood vessels, which stimulate circulation, and oxygenation of the skin. For this reason, this therapy is popularly used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery centers and high-end spas and beauty salons. However, when we use it in the HOCATT™, patients see even bigger benefits.  When CO2 dissolves in H2O, it forms carbonic acid (H2CO3), which is then absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.


Whole Body Hyperthermia

HOCATT™ Hyperthermia is different from normal medical whole body hyperthermia devices. Instead of utilizing just FIR to induce Hyperthermia, the HOCATT™ has a very unique Electronic Control Panel system that can monitor and control both FIR and Steam to obtain the best results. A comparison between the leading German WBH medical device and Hocatt Plus was performed using Cardio Electro frequency therapy.

Electro Frequency therapy, has been one of the most widely researched and published therapies in the world.  The therapy addresses issues from pain and nervous system therapy to mental and physical performance enhancement treatments. The possibilities and benefits are endless and the results are immediate. Every day new systems are developed to improve the delivery of thousands of different frequencies, each frequency having its own special and unique benefit to a certain part of the human body.

Hocatt Plus gives you a choice of more then 120 different programs that containing over 1100 frequencies that can concentrate on any area of focus that a client or athlete can ever require. It is administered simultaneously with all the other modalities.  In this way, the results of Hocatt Plus’s advanced electrotherapy system is potentiated with results that cannot be obtained with any electro therapy system on its own.


Ultrasonic Cavitation

The ultrasound field creates bubbles in the liquid, which gradually grow, and implode when they get a certain size. The energy in the form of heat, minor effect, and pressure wave, major effect, is released. The membranes of the fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, the effect of the cavitation easily breaks them up, while sparing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue.  Ultrasonic cavitation allows for non-invasive removal of fat deposits. It improves skin texture, reduces cellulite, and tightens connective tissue.


Oxygen Breathing, (Passive EWOT)

Take a look how big the deep breathing exercise industry is. As shown in the marketing graph below, it is just a tad smaller than yoga and the massage industry put together. With the pure humidified oxygen breathing function in Hocatt Plus, it provides great relaxation, stress relief and multiple health and anti-aging benefits.  Hocatt plus oxygen breathing does not only focus on the breathing part (your blood circulation is up, your arteries and veins are dilated and ready to transport pure oxygen to your brain, vital organs and cellular tissue) but also the Bohr effect (enhanced oxygen uptake and release) which is stimulated from the natural carbonic acid therapy.


Ultraviolet Irradiation

When the unstable oxygen compound O3 is dissociated, ultraviolet radiation is emitted. This radiation acts on the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin, where it contributes to the production of protective agents, hormones and vitamins, in addition to its ability to kill bacteria. 


The Nose Knows

The HOCATT™ not only makes use of multiple modalities to improve your wellness and appearance, it also utilizes treatments that improve the immune system and generally make you feel better.


First, you can enjoy photodynamic therapy and aromatherapy treatments. These will increase vitality (and everyone needs more energy these days) while also improving the immune system’s ability to stave off infection.


Another benefit of using the HOCATT™is that you can provide oxygen inhalation at any time. This therapy increases body oxygenation which leads to better mental and physical performance – a must for athletes and frankly anyone. Everyone would like a boost now and then.

In 30 minutes, you can destress, gently detox, stimulate your adrenal system, rejuvenate your skin, stimulate every cell in your body, and generally come out feeling relaxed. 

A complete HOCATT therapy features the following therapies all at once, as follows:

  • Aromatherapy

  • Electrotherapy

  • Carbonic acid therapy

  • Infrared light therapy

  • Exercise with oxygen therapy

  • Transdermal ozone

  • Hyperthermia

  • Photon light therapy

  • Ultraviolet (UV) radiation

1.    Each session is 30 - 45 minutes long.

2.    Before the procedure begins, you will be required to take off all your clothes completely.
3..    For the first 3-8 minutes of your session, carbonic acid (CA) and steam moisten the skin and enter through pores into the lymph system. CA is one of the few compounds that increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at the cellular level. To increase the skin’s ability to absorb ozone, a mixture of carbon dioxide and steam will be released, causing your body to sweat out toxins and waste. The carbonic acid (CA) steam will enter the circulation and the lymph system through the enlarged pores due to the heat.
4.    Blood vessels and capillaries dilate, increasing blood circulation by up to 25% throughout the body. Moreover, carbonic acid helps to relax the central nervous system, easing the stress and tension in the spine and muscles. 
5.    After the CA cycle completes, the ozone cycle begins. When ozone reacts with the water from the steam, it creates H202 which aids in destroying bacterial and yeast/fungal infections.
6.    At the end of the session, all ozone and oxygen steam is extracted into the ozone destructor and the session ends!
The sauna is extraordinary because it has the ability to expose the entire body to the healing effects of ozone.

 The main benefits of HOCATT therapy may include the following:

  • Stimulating and strengthening the immune system

  • Increasing blood flow and circulation

  • Stimulating antioxidant enzyme production

  • Increasing core body temperature

  • Speeding up post-operative and post-workout recovery

  • Increasing muscle mass

  • Regenerating damaged tissues

  • Fighting off pathogens and toxins

  • Relaxing muscle tension

  • Increasing happy hormone (serotonin)

  • Activating skin tissue

  • Relieving acute and chronic pain

  • Declining the progression of aging

  • Increasing athletic performance

  • Enhancing mental clarity and cognitive functions

  • Improving absorption of nutrients

  • Improving the production of enzymes and hormones

  • Enhancing weight loss (burning up to 600 calories per session)

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Building strengths, speed, and endurance

  • Healing sports-related injuries

  • Reducing physical stress and tension

HOCATT Ozone Disclaimer

The HOCATT is not a medical device, it has not been evaluated or approved buy the FDA or NDF and we do not claim it's intended use to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or medical condition.

The information provided in this website is for educational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Only a medical doctor may “treat” illness and disease with a medical origin.

The manufacturer or any marketing agent cannot accept liability for any injury or fatality in relation to the use of this equipment. The user agrees to use the product at his/her own risk. It is the user’s responsibility to acquaint him/herself with any risks associated with their physical or medical condition, as well as any side effects or risks associated with the medications they are taking, and to consult a medical practitioner if in doubt. Furthermore, it is important to note that we cannot be held responsible for any health issues you may have, and we cannot be held responsible for deterioration in any ailments you have. Visit the official HOCATT website for more information -

Vitality and good health
Ozone therapies
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What are the Benefits of HOCATT Therapy?

The use of ozone in the HOCATT™ provides the many benefits, and works in concert with the other HOCATT™ technologies to facilitate the best strategy for optimal wellness and vitality. Ozone in the HOCATT™ can be both topical and systemic, and its uptake is enhanced by the Carbonic Acid and Hyperthermia technologies. Experts say the HOCATT’s combination provides the greatest, fastest and easiest form of detox available!

Ozone is known to:
• Inactivate Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi,
Parasites and Protozoa
• Stimulate the Immune System & Speed Healing
• Clean Arteries and Veins, Improving Circulation
• Oxidize Toxins, facilitating t
heir Excretion
• Normalize Hormone and Enzyme Production
• Reduce Inflammation
• Reduce Pain, Calm nerves
• Improve Brain function and Memory
• Scavenge Free Radicals
• Dissolution of Malignant Tumors
• Activate the Immune System

• Increased oxygen is the key to reducing the stress
your body is under.
• An increase in oxygen slows the aging process.
• Wards off illness and disease.
• Reduces pain
• Increased strength and Increase in energy levels
• Burn up to 30% more calories
• Restores lung function and O2 absorption
• Improves focus and ocular issues
• Reduces Edema in capillary cells
• Improves circulation disorders, especially in the lower extremities
• Reduces Hypertension

• Increases blood flow throughout the entire body
• Enhances oxygen delivery at cellular level flushes the skin temporarily to a healthy pink color
• Stimulates warmth receptors in the skin, inhibits cold receptors
• Reconstructs functionally closed capillaries
• Decreases blood pressure
• Naturally sedates and calms the central nervous system
• Reduces stress, relaxes the muscles and the mind
• A natural anti-inflammatory compound
• A fat dissolving compound

• Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to
damaged tissues
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
• Neutralizes blood toxicity and the walls of arteries, capillaries and veins smoothed.
• Hypertension, osteoporosis, headaches and digestive issues are all improved.
• Seven times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals, and even environmental toxins, as opposed to conventional heat or steam saunas.
• Improved symptoms for fibrocystic breast disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and much more.

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