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Thalgo’s Peeling Marin Facial

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Thalgo’s Peeling Marin Facial Treatment

I am so excited we are now offering the Thalgo Peeling Marin! This treatment is exactly what we all need right now to rejuvenate our skin…. a little skin “pick me up” as we head into the Summer. I know a skin care routine can be hard to maintain especially in the last couple of years when protecting ourselves in a pandemic was higher up the priority list! This treatment is the help needed to get your skin back on track – a simple way to refocus and bring a healthy glow back to the skin. I wanted to write a little piece about it to explain the treatment for those that might be unsure as to what a Peel is! The word Peel may scare some people but there is nothing to be fearful of…

This treatment is for anyone seeking a “new skin effect” and the results are visible from the first treatment. It tackles all the skin concerns I know personally I worry about as I get “more mature” – wrinkles, dull skin, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, lack of plumpness, loss of firmness, pigmentation, dark spots from sun exposure…I could go on! It is for anyone who want to tackle signs of aging and skin issues. The treatment can be done as a stand-alone once off Peeling Marin treatment or as a course of 3 for greater longer lasting results. There are 3 different Peel levels – 1,2 and 3 and we will customize the treatment course based on your skin concerns and needs. We will be doing a consultation at the beginning of the treatment to help guide you as to the best course of treatments required – there is so much skin care jargon out there which can feel overwhelming at times so we will strip this back and try and make is simple and straightforward.

The 3 Peel levels are based on the dose of active ingredients in the Peel. Level one has a light dose, and this will immediately help with smoothing the skin and brightening the complexion. The second level is a medium dose, and this tightens pores, reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone. Level three then has the strongest dose and will help act on deep wrinkles, improve firmness, and give a more even skin tone. Everyone will start off with level one and if you choose to do a course of 3 you will progress to level 2 and possibly level 3 depending on your skin.

So, what is the Peel actually doing to your skin? A chemical solution is used to remove layers of the skin to reveal the more youthful skin underneath! Do not be frightened with the use of the word chemical – it’s all naturally occurring acids that are used. What is unique to Thalgo is their use of acids from fermented algae which are treated to become a natural lactic acid – so this treatment is effectively a “Peel from the sea”! This natural lactic acid stimulates cell renewal weakening the bonds between the skin cells ultimately causing the “peel” of the skin”. There is also glycolic and gluconic acids in varying degrees depending on the Peel level and these create a deeper exfoliation!

The benefit of doing a peel treatment, either a single treatment or a course of 3 is twofold – first of all you will very quickly see the immediate results in your skin but secondly, any products you use after getting the peel will penetrate the skin better and deeper as a result of shedding the older skin layers. Do not panic – you will not see layers of skin peeling before your eyes – most of this actual process will not be visible to you.

For maximum effects I do feel a course of 3 is the way to go followed up quite quickly with a Thalgo facial suitable for your skin type. In my 50’s I find aging and hydration are my main skin concerns so for example I would go with the course of 3 and then straight into a Hyalu Procollagen facial as the gorgeous hyaluronic acids in this range would penetrate deep into the skin after having the peel to really plump the skin! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! But if 3 feels daunting try a single treatment and see how you feel – you will see the glow and a lift in dull skin from one treatment alone!

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