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About OZEAN Medispa

Welcome to Ozean Medispa, centrally located in Apollo Drive, Rosedale, North Shore, where indulgence meets innovation at our Medispa and Ozone Clinic. At our luxurious haven, we offer a wide range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies designed to enhance your well-being and restore your natural beauty.

We offer relaxing massages, lymphatic drainage, G5 cellulite and circulation massage, Advanced skin care, waxing, full nail services and many other services.

Our cutting-edge High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and PULSE LIFT (EMS) treatments are the epitome of non-invasive, anti-aging technology. HIFU lifts and tightens the skin, promoting a youthful appearance without the need for surgery. EMS is a facial rejuvenation procedure that simultaneously treats the facial muscles and skin, to lift and sculpt facial contours 


For those seeking hair and facial revitalization, our Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are just the ticket. Harnessing the healing power of your body's own platelets, we stimulate collagen production, promote hair growth, and rejuvenate the skin. 

If you're considering injectables, our expert cosmetic nurse is skilled in delivering natural-looking results through dermal fillers and wrinkle-reducing treatments. We understand that beauty is an art, and we are here to help you feel confident and refreshed.


At our clinic, we've embraced the benefits of ozone therapy including the HOCATT Ozone Sauna, known for its detoxifying and regenerative properties. Ozone treatments can support overall well-being, improve circulation, and aid in the body's natural healing processes. We are a member of the Ozone Association of New Zealand.


 Our luxurious spa environment is designed to help you relax and unwind. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to making your experience truly exceptional, and we tailor each treatment to your individual needs.

We invite you to embark on a journey of transformation and self-care at our Medispa and Ozone Clinic in Apollo Drive, Rosedale. It's a place where science meets serenity, and where your beauty and well-being are our top priorities. Discover the rejuvenation and relaxation you deserve and experience the difference that our treatments and therapies can make in your life.

We are conveniently located in Apollo Drive in Rosedale.
Pop in, call us or book a consultation or treatment online.


 Explore our price menu below. We also offer exclusive Ozean Memberships that can be used on a wide range of services of your choice. All our memberships have a value added cash bonus added. Please discuss the Skin-Vestment options we have available. We can tailor a payment plan to suit you. Payment options include Afterpay and Laybuy too.

Essential Facials
New Skin facial                                      $65
Hydra Facial                                           $95
Vitamin C Radiance Facial                  $95
Calm & Clear facial                             $115
LED Light therapy Facial                   $118
Gua Sha Lifting Detox facial             $125

Dermaplaning & facial                       $135
Microdermabrasion Vit C Facial      $135
Signature Facial                                  $155

Specialist treatments
​Dermal Electroporation                     $185
Dermal Micro needling                      $199
HIFU facial - face only                       $245
HIFU facial - face & neck                  $290

Green Peel Facials
Express Green Peel Facial                 $120
Energy Facial                                       $195
Fresh Up Facial                                   $160
Classic Peel Facials x 2                      $650 
Advanced treatments
HIFU Neck only                                   $385
HIFU Jowls & Neck                             $495
HIFU Full Face                                     $770
HIFU Full Face & Neck                       $950

Aesthetic Services from Cosmetic Nurse
Botox:                                       $17 per unit
Dysport:                                     $7 per unit
Hyperhydrosis (armpits)          $1,250.00

PRP Treatments
PRP for face                                         $495
PRP + HA                                              $495
PRP for hair loss                                  $495
Vampire Facial                                     $595
Combined Hair and Face PRP          $695

Waxing services
Full face                                                  $55
Eyebrow wax                                          $30
Lip wax                                                    $30
Underarms                                              $45
Eyebrow &  Lip wax                               $50
Full arms                                                  $55
Bikini Wax                                               $35
Extended Bikini                                      $45
Brazilian Wax                                          $65
Half legs                                                  $60
Full legs                                                   $75
Bikini & Underarms                               $65
Full legs & Bikini                                    $90
Full legs & Brazilian                            $115
Additional Services/ Add ons
Eyebrow Tidy & Shape                         $30
Eyebrow Shape & Tint                          $45
Lash and Eyebrow tint                          $50
Lash only tint                                          $30
Trio (Lash & brow tint & shape)          $60

Body Treatments
G5 Circulation Massage (legs)            $85
Gua Sha lower body massage             $85
Manual Lymphatic Massage             $125

Lipedema Massage                            $135
Gua Sha full Body                               $125
G5 Cellulite full body                          $145
Thalgo Cold Cryotherapy                  $145

Relaxing Massage Services
Back, neck & Shoulder                         $65
Back, neck, shoulders & Scalp            $85
Full Body Massage                             $125
HOCATT Sauna Spa
1 x HOCATT treatment                       $95  
3x HOCATT treatments                     $270​
5 x HOCATT treatments                    $425
10 x HOCATT treatments                  $800

Nail Spa Services
Manicures -add $10 for gel                 $45
Manicure with Rubber  Gel                 $85
Pedicure-add $10 for gel                    $55
Deluxe Pedicure                                     $85
Mani & Pedi (add $10 for gel)            $75 
Rubber Gel on natural nails                 $65
Rubber base with tips                          $75
Dipping Powder on natural                 $65
Dipping Powder with tips                    $75 
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Wednesday - 10am to 5pm

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Saturday - 9am to 5.30pm

Monday - closed
Tuesday -  by appointment
Wednesday - 10am to 5pm

Thursday - 10am to 7pm
Friday - 10am to 5pm
Saturday - 9am to 5.30pm

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