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The HOCATT’s combination of technologies is the most effective, fastest and easiest form of oxygenation and detoxification available making it an extremely valuable and powerful therapeutic tool. It is also the least invasive and most enjoyable health, fitness and beauty therapy.








Below are links to videos from Health care professionals and also the amazing man who is Andre Smith who designed the HOCATT discussing the benefits of this remarkable technology. Our wish at Ozean is that everyone discovers the benefits of HOCATT and Ozone therapy.


HOCATT does not treat any disease but supports the immune system. It helps your body reach its optimum health levels, be it chronic fatigue, going through Chemotherapy or just want overall health and wellbeing. 

Please note, these testimonials are for reference purposes and information only. These are not Ozean Medispa clients but public information on HOCATT technology.

Testimonials from clients and medical professionals - Courtesy of Signature Health on Vimeo

André Smith (founder of HOCATT) - introduction to HOCATT - &

HOCATT and discussion on CANCER -

HOCATT and how it works -


How does HOCATT work? Answers from Dr David Minkoff (how the HOCATT works) -

Dr Victor Marcial Vega (Oncologist) - HOCATT Health Care Professional Testimonial -

Dr Minkoff discusses HOCATT and Exercise With Oxygen Therapy -

Dr Kotsanis talks about using the HOCATT at the Kotsanis Institute -

Dr Pieter DeWet - Integrative Medical Physician -

 Professor Mawsouf on Osteoarthritis -

Professor Nabil Mawsouf HOCATT Health Care Professional Testimonial Pt 2 (short version) -

Professor Mawsouf Discusses HOCATT, Ozone and Diabetes Treatment -

Dr Herman Spies -

Multiple Sclerosis - HOCATT Ozone Testimonial -

Constant Testimonial - Cancer patient - (HOCATT works alongside chemotherapy and radiation therapy)

Janet Davis - HOCATT Patient Testimonial - (chemical sensitivities)

Vickie Talks about how the HOCATT helped her Fibromyalgia -

 Mike has stage 4 cancer and uses HOCATT  -

HOCATT testimonials
HOCATT for hair loss.webp


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